About Us

Bitcoin Citadels is brought to you by a team of developers and internet marketing experts who are also long-term members of the crypto community. From Mt. Gox to the latest Faketoshi scandals, we’ve been in the space since 2013 and have witnessed so much! We’ve dabbled in many crypto-related projects over the years, mining Feathercoin in the early days of altcoins, $DOGE faucets, coding custom block explorers, creating rare pepe cards, and we might even have a few crypto kitties stored away in a wallet somewhere!

Backed by a combined 100 years of tech and marketing experience, our team started Bitcoin Citadels because we wanted to get more involved in promoting the cryptocurrency world and economy while providing value to the crypto community.

We wanted to make this something that could be used by anyone interested in buying or selling (or both!) with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are trusted in the community. In the future, we will be making it easy for even non-techies to set up a store in our multi-merchant marketplace and collect their favorite cryptocurrencies as payment.

We look forward to seeing your products up for sale on Bitcoin Citadels!